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Thousands of Iraqis stormed the streets to demonstrate against ongoing corruption by the federal government. Iraqi Ministry of Health revealed on that At least two protesters died and over 200 protesters  and 40 security personnel were wounded on Tuesday after Iraqi security forces fired on demonstrators at the Liberation Square in Baghdad in an attempt […]

Jihadists have attacked a military base where US soldiers train commandos in Somalia. The al-Shabab militant group said it had carried out the attack, using a car bomb to blast through the gates before sending its fighters inside. Military officials say the jihadists were repulsed without breaching the perimeter fence, and No casualties were reported […]

Unknown hackers hijacked close to 30 Iraqi government websites in the “largest” cyber attack of its kind for the country. Among the targeted sites are ministries of interior, defense, foreign affairs, health, as well as the Iraqi domain of Google. It is not clear whether the hacking operation endangered user data, or important government information. […]

Safeen Dizayee, head of the (KRG’s) Department of Foreign Relations, has been visiting New York over the past week as a member of the Iraqi delegation, headed by President Barham Salih, to the opening of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly. Dizayee described the meetings as “very cordial and friendly.” Topics included the […]

US-based Alhurra television is banned from media coverage in Iraq for three months after broadcasting a controversial program on endowment institutions linked with Iraqi Shia religious leaders. The Communication and Media Commission in Iraq ordered the closure of Alhurra bureaus in the country for 90 days until the outlet officially issues an apology. The program […]

One person was killed and eight others wounded during a knife attack at a subway stop near Lyon, France. Three of the eight victims were seriously wounded and the single fatality was a 19-year-old man. The suspected attacker is a 33-year-old asylum seeker who has been taken into custody, according to Lyon Mayor Gerard Collomb.  The […]

Bokan Hassan A Kurdish translator of 27 years old from Halabja city was been able to add nearly 100,000 Kurdish translations include poems and proverbs, from the two major dialects of Sorani and Kurmanji, to the Google Translate.he pointed out that it took him eight years to get the Kurdish dialects into the Google Translate […]

According to a Kurdish member in the Iraqi parliament, Erbil and Baghdad have reached a joint agreement aimed at representing the Kurdistan region along with the federal government in international conferences and diplomatic forums. According to the Department of Foreign Relations in the Kurdistan region, the regional government and the federal government agreed to join […]

Iraq coalition calls Israeli strikes a “ declaration of war “ . a powerful bloc in Iraq’s parliament called on Monday for the withdrawal of the U.S. troops from Iraq, following the recent series of airstrikes targeting Iran-backed Shiaa militias in the country that have been blamed on Israel. French President Emmanuel Macron has criticized […]

The office of the General Directorate of Iraqi Nationality in the Kurdistan Region said on Friday (August 23) that the citizens can now complete applications for national ID cards online, before picking them up from the local office. The directorate said that citizens can visit its website and bring the filled-in form to the nearest national […]

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