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Babylon FM has had some amazing people over the years! Each one had a unique personality and brought something different to the station. We do what we do to make y’all happy! <3

The story of Babylon FM started with this guy.

Noor still thinks her name is Rosie, thus calling her 'Intern Rosie.'

Young self-taught sound engineer and producer specialized in the Dancehall, R&B and Hip-Hop genre. Slomo and his family moved to Toronto, Canada at a young age due to the political instability in Yemen. However, growing up in a city where entertainment is the key, Slomo was motivated to learn about music and vocal production. The […]

This combination of country and city boy will be sure to leave you with a smile or a wow once you meet him. Zane is the newest member of the Babylon FM family. After coming to Kurdistan for the first time in 2016, Zane decided to come back to Erbil in 2017 with the hope […]

While getting their first tattoo and listening to Tupac and Eminem, Diar and Zana (Mr. Zee) decided to introduce western dance music into the local scene. Diar, a photographer and Mr. Zee, a humanitarian mine action worker and part time bartender started the DJ Pro project. Equipped with talents in photography, photo editing, videography, video […]

Muhammad Basman Ghanim (Mo), the 24 years-old grew up in Mosul. Mo has been in love with English Language since he was little which has led him to to be a graduate from Translation Dept. – University of Mosul. while studying Mo started his professional journey by being an Interpreter / Translator for various sides […]

She takes you to the Latino music scene ever week!

Host of the Lion's Den - our oldies music expert!

EM joined Babylon FM when she was a teenager, doing a little bit of everything. She loved editing the most because “you get to be creative with it. The 30 sec jingles/commercials you hear on the radio literally takes a whole day to produce, but it’s all worth it once you hear your piece of […]

Galla grew up up in Koya, Kurdistan, until she moved to Erbil at the age of 16. She is kinda half Kurdish and Ukrainian. Since her childhood, the Rawandozi-native began to play instruments, sing, act and draw. Her first professional job was hosting basketball games! Gallo began to also play basketball, leading her school team […]

You hear your voice Ever. Single. Hour.

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