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Growing up in metro-Detroit as an immigrant, Noor quickly found his escape with media during his teen years. By the time he was 16, he created his own company, Nor-torious Productions, and led the media department at Fitzgerald High School. Selling customized mixes on CDs out of his trunk, Noor quickly established his name for […]

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Marian Zaito (EM)

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Hailing from the Netherlands, EM’s early passion for media led her to join our team at the age of 16. Her versatile skill set spans audio editing, voice recording, website management, and entertainment news reporting, demonstrating her dedication despite a fleeting attention span. EM does digital design at FSU. She is artistic but does not […]

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Dalawi was born in the city of Hawler, Kurdistan to parents from Mandali (a Kurdish area near the Iranian border). As a young boy, Dalawi loved being the center of attention but his life was quickly turned upside down as a result of the constant wars in Kurdistan. He fled to Perth, Australia before the […]

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Mr. Zee (DJ PRO)


While getting their first tattoo and listening to Tupac and Eminem, Diar and Zana (Mr. Zee) decided to introduce western dance music into the local scene. Diar, a photographer and Mr. Zee, a humanitarian mine action worker and part time bartender started the DJ Pro project. Equipped with talents in photography, photo editing, videography, video […]

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For as long as she could remember, Zoë was passionate about expressing herself and being witty and sarcastic when doing so. She always wanted to find a job where she can use her sense of humor to make a good influence on her society and she was able to get her first job as a […]

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Redar Gyliana a.k.a RED-R DJ is an Iraqi professional Urban, Hip Hop, House DJ. Born in Erbil, his journey in DJing world started in 2018, where he noticed the frustration of partygoers. One night, in the middle of a party, Redar decided to go to Lebanon to seek learning opportunities about the DJ world. With […]

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