Marian Zaito (EM) / Editor

EM joined Babylon FM when she was a teenager, doing a little bit of everything. She loved editing the most because “you get to be creative with it. The 30 sec jingles/commercials you hear on the radio literally takes a whole day to produce, but it’s all worth it once you hear your piece of art on the radio! She loves soccer, tarzan, and music.

She describes herself as creative and hardworking…that’s subjective tho. She speaks 5 languages! Assyrian, Arabic, Kurdish, English, and little bit of French. She doesn’t really have one goal, as she gets bored of things really easily. Maybe that’s why she left us for Babylon TV :-S

Her main goal is to be a successful interior designer, and also have a big platform to reach different people.

EM left Babylon FM on Octber 2018 to start hosting on Babylon TV!

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