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Born in Kirkuk, raised in the UK. Lara and her and family moved to London when she was 6 years old. However, she moved back to Kurdistan alone in 2019 as it was something she always wanted to do. Although she has struggled adapting to the culture in Kurdistan, shes found comfort within the Babylon team and the opportunity to explore her artistic side.

Lara prides her self in her broad knowledge of music, there’s not many songs released in the past 20 years she doesn’t know the lyrics to, it’s unfortunate she can’t sing herself. Lara’s taste in music also varies she enjoys Rap, R&B, UK grime, Jazz, Rock, but mostly Latin music which inspired her to learn Spanish.

Aside from her love of music Lara enjoys travelling she has already visited 26 countries and her dream is to visit another 100 countries in the next decade.

Lara has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Masters in Mathematics but her true passion has always been music and media.
She is currently a Financial Advisor and part time radio voice over and host on Babylon FM, planning to expand her skills related to the world of entertainment.