The story of Babylon FM started with this guy.

Noor still thinks her name is Rosie, thus calling her 'Intern Rosie.'

Young self-taught sound engineer and producer specialized in the Dancehall, R&B and Hip-Hop genre. Slomo and his family moved to Toronto, Canada at a young age due to the political instability in Yemen. However, growing up in a city where entertainment is the key, Slomo was motivated to learn about music and vocal production. The […]

While getting their first tattoo and listening to Tupac and Eminem, Diar and Zana (Mr. Zee) decided to introduce western dance music into the local scene. Diar, a photographer and Mr. Zee, a humanitarian mine action worker and part time bartender started the DJ Pro project. Equipped with talents in photography, photo editing, videography, video […]

EM joined the team when she was 16. She did a bit of everything; audio editing, voice recording, website management, and entertainment news reporting. EM might sound hard working, but she has a very short attention span. EM does graphic design at FSU. She is artistic but does not make enough art for the station. […]

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