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Redar Gyliana a.k.a RED-R DJ is an Iraqi professional Urban, Hip Hop, House DJ. Born in Erbil, his journey in DJing world started in 2018, where he noticed the frustration of partygoers. One night, in the middle of a party, Redar decided to go to Lebanon to seek learning opportunities about the DJ world. With no music and DJing background, he bought a DJ kit there and found a mentor! An American Lebanese DJ who in two weeks taught him the basics.

Back to Erbil, he was encouraged by his family to continue his DJ journey. A short while after he started playing in parties and next thing he knew he was in the middle of Christmases and New years concerts! RED-R plays a mixture of mutable music styles from around the world such as R&B, Hip Hop, URBAN, Reggaeton, Deephouse and House. His style of BAZZAR meets the local demands, with Lebanese DJs having the greatest influence on him.

Today, RED-R mixes have more than thousands of plays on SoundCloud, Anghami, YouTube and Mixcloud. In a short time, he managed to reshape Djing in Erbil. Currently, he is booked in hotels, nightclubs, and bubs in the city in addition to DJing in private parties.

Why DJing? “I DJ to entertain my audience. That is my main motive. During COVID lockdowns, I entertained them with live DJing through Instagram. I also established the Spins N Smiles initiative, which aims to bring joy and hope through music to the ones who feel like outcasts within their community in Kurdistan. I also DJed for the Kurdistan animal shelter fundraising event. My ambition is to be a worldwide recognized DJ from this culturally rich region.”