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Author: Nuhayl Sher

Czech CG Mr. Karel Kortanek

Written by on 21 January 2024

Czech Republic’s CG Karel Kortanek graced the show to elaborate on the various projects that the Czech Council is actively engaged in within the vibrant city of Erbil. During the discussion, he shed light on the council’s ongoing initiatives and endeavors in the region. Click here for full interview.

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Is it Time for Your Return Journey?

Written by on 23 December 2023

In this episode, “The Return,” an organization founded by Dilan, takes center stage. They specialize in assisting immigrants returning to their native countries. Dilan, having experienced the challenges himself, created this NGO to offer guidance in every aspect of the return journey. The episode highlights how “The Return” provides essential support—covering logistics, legal matters, job […]

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Rayan from Link Data Center

Written by on 12 December 2023

Rayan, a salesperson at Link Data Center, recently joined the Breakfast Club to showcase the company’s comprehensive services, notably highlighting the “Build Your Online Business” package. This all-in-one plan simplifies website creation and business email management, catering to entrepreneurs’ needs in a single, convenient solution. Rayan’s engaging presentation emphasized Link Data Center’s commitment to empowering businesses […]

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Alan about Kurdish Railways

Written by on 7 December 2023

Alan, engineer/ inventor of  Kurdish Railways, recently appeared on the Breakfast Club show to share the journey behind creating a new Kurdish board game. He discussed the meticulous process of developing the game entirely within the local Kurdish community. From conceptualization to design and production, every step was a testament to the talent and dedication […]

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Mathews from ZeeSelects

Written by on 19 November 2023

Mathews from ZeeSelects joined the Breakfast Club! ZeeSelects, a local clothing brand, is a big hit thanks to its top-notch quality and one-of-a-kind designs. Their clothes fly off the shelves because people love them, and they reach customers all across Kurdistan and Iraq. A group of young entrepreneurs is behind this success, creating stylish clothes […]

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Hanar and James from the UK Consulate

Written by on 5 October 2023

Hanar political officer and James head of political section from the UK Consulate in Erbil, joined the Breakfast Club to talk discuss the Chevening program. Their engaging conversation illuminated the significance of this initiative, which offers aspiring scholars and professionals in Erbil the chance to pursue higher education in the United Kingdom. Hanar and James […]

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Maha from Rossonera

Written by on 5 October 2023

Maha, from Rossonera Diamond Shop, recently joined the show to shed light on the fascinating world of diamonds. She discussed the intricate process of importing diamonds to Erbil, emphasizing the meticulous attention to detail and security measures in place to ensure the safe arrival of these precious gems. Maha also revealed that among the best-selling […]

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Shne and Taiba about the White Party

Written by on 14 September 2023

We were delighted to have Shne and Taiba as special guests to discuss the upcoming 7th anniversary of the White Party at Rotana. This annual event promises to be bigger and better than ever before, and our guests were here to give us an exciting sneak peek into all the new and exhilarating elements they […]

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Anti-Trafficking Program by Seed Foundation

Written by on 26 August 2023

Nazhad and Muhemed, prominent leading the Anti-Trafficking Program at Seed Foundation, joined the Breakfast Club with an eye-opening discussion. Their insightful dialogue delved into the intricate details and concealed statistics surrounding trafficking within the country. They shed light on identifying the various facets of trafficking, sharing invaluable knowledge on recognizing its signs and methods. Nazhad […]

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Dr. Dhea from UNESCO

Written by on 25 July 2023

Dr. Dhea Subhee the Communication information Officer from UNESCO joined the Breakfast Club to talk all about their latest project. UNESCO collaborated with the French Embassy to to work on a new project called Voice of Peace. This campaign aims to enhance the coexistence in liberated areas via community radio stations. Listen to the full […]

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