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US CG Irvin Hicks Jr. on the 4th of July

Written by on 4 July 2023

US CG Irvin Hicks joined the Breakfast Club to celebrate the 4th of July, emphasizing its importance in American history. He shared a curated playlist that filled the airwaves with patriotic melodies, uniting the audience in their appreciation for the nation’s independence. Hicks’ passionate speech and heartfelt music created a vibrant tribute to the sacrifices […]

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Naseem from Women’s Forum

Written by on 28 June 2023

Naseem Issa joined the Breakfast Cub to talk all about the great work she has done as a sustainable leader for United People Global. She also spoke about her experience attending the annual Women’s Forum. Click here for the full interview. 

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Whispering Walls by Choman Hardi

Written by on 14 June 2023

Dr. Choman Hardi is an educator, writer, and scholar who has made significant contributions to gender studies and education. After spending 26 years in exile, she returned to Iraq in 2014 and became a professor at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. She founded the Center for Gender and Development Studies at the university and […]

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Ahmad and Huda from Board of Investment

Written by on 8 June 2023

Ahmad and Huda join The Breakfast Club to talk about Board of investment. will be the website where investors can find opportunities and get information from scratch to aftercare (getting their capital to the region). Click here.  

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Unveiling Divorce in Iraq: Understanding Causes and Impacts

Written by on 28 May 2023

In the final part of ‘The Drive,’ the psychology students explore divorce in Iraqi society. They discuss its societal, psychological, and cultural implications, highlighting factors like societal pressures, traditional values, and emotional toll. The hosts offer insights and coping strategies, aiming to raise awareness and understanding about the complexities of divorce’s impact on mental health […]

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The Individual Impact Within Divorce

Written by on 28 May 2023

In this segment, “The Drive” takes a deep dive into the multifaceted impact of familial dynamics on each member within an Iraqi family structure. The insightful psychology students dissect and explore the intricate ways in which every individual – be it parents, children, or extended family members – is affected by the complexities of family […]

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Connecting Perspectives: Exploring Iraqi Family Dynamics Through Caller Discussions

Written by on 28 April 2023

In this engaging segment of “The Drive,” the show’s dynamic trio of psychology students opens the floor to their audience, inviting callers to share their perspectives and personal experiences on family dynamics within the context of Iraq. As the phone lines light up, a diverse range of voices chime in, offering unique insights, anecdotes, and […]

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Elimam and Duaa from MAG

Written by on 24 March 2023

Elimam and Duaa from the Mines Advisory Group [MAG ] joined the Breakfast Club on April 4th which is Mines Awareness Day. They talked about the importance of raising awareness, dangerous areas, and tips to stay safe. Click here for full interview.  

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Divorce Dynamics in Iraq: Insights from Psychology Students

Written by on 28 February 2023

The Drive – Mario, Alen and Sam dove into the unique perspective of three psychology students in their final year. With a focus on family dynamics and divorce, these insightful students offer a nuanced discussion, sharing their experiences and practices in understanding the complexities of familial relationships. In a thought-provoking segment, they analyze the divorce […]

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