The Drive – Mario, Alen and Sam dove into the unique perspective of three psychology students in their final year. With a focus on family dynamics and divorce, these insightful students offer a nuanced discussion, sharing their experiences and practices in understanding the complexities of familial relationships. In a thought-provoking segment, they analyze the divorce rate in Iraq, providing valuable insights into the cultural, social, and psychological factors influencing this phenomenon. Through their expertise and compassionate approach, “The Drive” offers a captivating exploration of the intricacies surrounding family dynamics and divorce, shedding light on these crucial aspects of human relationships.

Through their expertise in psychology, the show delves into cultural, social, and psychological aspects, shedding light on the complexities surrounding marriage, family dynamics, and the reasons behind the observed divorce rates in Iraq.

The show is brought to you by UNESCO, Sound of Peace project, dedicated to promoting coexistence in liberated areas, with support from the French Embassy in Iraq. Click here for full show.