The “Drive Show,” sponsored by UNESCO through the Sound of Peace project and supported by the French Embassy in Iraq, focuses on promoting coexistence in liberated areas. Em and Mooka, the hosts, delve into the significance of diversity within the country and the region, emphasizing its impact on workplaces and individuals. They discuss how diversity enriches workplaces by bringing together varied perspectives, experiences, and skill sets, ultimately fostering innovation and creativity.

Furthermore, Em and Mookah highlight the importance of effective communication skills in embracing diversity. They likely discuss how understanding and respecting different cultures, languages, and backgrounds can improve communication among coworkers and communities. Strategies for fostering inclusivity, such as active listening, empathy, and open-mindedness, might also be part of their conversation.

Their discussion may touch on the societal benefits of diversity, including the promotion of tolerance, mutual understanding, and peaceful coexistence among people from different backgrounds. Ultimately, the Drive Show aims to inspire positive change by advocating for inclusivity, celebrating diversity, and showcasing its positive impacts on both workplaces and society as a whole.

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