2017 has been an…. Interesting year to say the least. Babylon FM collected
10 highlights of 2017 in Kurdistan! This list include local events that went viral.

Take a look the highlights of 2017, put your belts on because
it will be a roller-costar!


10- First Kurdistan Proposal 

A collage student from Chihan University  proposed to the love

of his life, this clip went viral with over 600,000 views.


gained global success with over 52.2 million views in YouTube!


8- Maqol Chya Guy

He just wanted his whiskey, maqol chya


7- Zakria making his first appearance in 7 years

Zakaria, famous Kurdish singer makes an appearance on the

referendum concert after 7 years of not appearing at all

6- Color festival In Kurdistan

First time in Iraq a festival for youth, inspired by the referendum

5- Mr. Erbil

People went crazy to discover the beauty of Kurdish men

4- Earthquake in Kurdistan

Earthquake hits Kurdistan, effecting all Kurdistan especially Darbanikhan and Halabja

3- Animal release

 Kurdistan showed its compassion for animals, when they released 4 bears to the wild

2- Crazy/False rumors, about Babylon Media being sold

Rumors spread around that Babylon Media was sold to Israel for 33 Million dollars, BUT the rumors where false

1– Referendum/ Kurdish independence

Sep. 25 2107, one of the greatest moments of Kurdish history when Kurdistan demanded independence