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6 December 2017

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Written by on 6 December 2017

2017 has been an…. Interesting year to say the least. Babylon FM collected 10 highlights of 2017 in Kurdistan! This list include local events that went viral. Take a look the highlights of 2017, put your belts on because it will be a roller-costar!   10- First Kurdistan Proposal  A collage student from Chihan University  proposed to […]

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28 August 2017

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Babylon Reports – Kurdish footballer attacked, Yezidis get homes, Trade between Kurdistan and Turkey

Written by on 28 August 2017

A Turkish football fan went wild as he attacked Kurdish footballer Deniz Naki during a game Saturday night. In the first half of the match played in Mersin, as Naki was preparing to shoot a free kick, a fan made his way from the stands onto the pitch and assaulted the Kurdish midfielder from behind. […]

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