Bokan Hassan A Kurdish translator of 27 years old from Halabja city was been able to add nearly 100,000 Kurdish translations include poems and proverbs, from the two major dialects of Sorani and Kurmanji, to the Google Translate.he pointed out that it took him eight years to get the Kurdish dialects into the Google Translate successfully.He further explained that he also worked on adding the Kurdish language to the Gboard for the Android system “which was successful.”He is saying “After I did my project, I was invited by Google Hangout five times, four times by their offices in India and once in America,” Hassan continued, I will start working on the voice system, camera, and videos [in this regard] if I have support as it requires years of working, but if I am not supported, it is a hard job to do.” 

Police in Sulaymaniyah announced on Wednesday the arrest of three people involved in trafficking living organs.Speaking at a press conference, chief of crime control department said that several rings of criminals have been dismantled, among which was a group responsible for several cases of trafficking living organs on the blackmarket.

The Mayoral office of the Kurdistan Region’s city of Sulaimani made a rare decision on Wednesday to officially initiate a recycling program, separating trash from recyclable material in an attempt to protect the environment and raise social awareness. The move will see three garbage bins placed inside the building of the Mayor’s office: one for food waste, one for plastics, and the other for glass items. Sulaimani Mayor Awat Mohammed said  “Our objective is to protect environment and the citizen’s health as well as raise social awareness among people on the risks of polluting,”. The mayor’s decision comes after issuing previous similar orders to local restaurants and housing complexes to separate trash, with his office leading the way for the public sector.