Month: December 2019

Protesters in several southern cities cut off key roads linking to the capital of Baghdad as widespread demonstrations continue. In Nasiriyah, demonstrators stopped traffic across most of the city’s major bridges. In Muthanna, protesters crossed the main streets of the city of Kut and forced employees and students to return to their homes, demanding that […]

By the order of Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minster Masrour Barzani, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) closed down 30 illegal oil refineries in the province of Duhok on Thursday. The closings came after a governmental committee tasked with ending unauthorized refining. The makeshift operations were not legally registered and were having detrimental effects on area […]

Official websites of four ministries of the Iraqi government were shut down after a cyberattack. Unknown hackers on Wednesday interrupted the access to the websites of Oil Ministry, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense, and Ministry of Education. Previously amid the months-long protests in Iraq, a cyberattack had targeted the official website of the federal […]

Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani attended a ceremony on Tuesday to open the last phase of a strategic 120 meter highway in the capital city of Erbil. The circular highway enables passenger vehicles and trucks to travel around Erbil. It connects all major exists. PM thanked the executive company, emphasizing that the project was […]

Estonia’s president has apologized after the country’s interior minister described Finland’s new prime minister as “a sales girl”. President said she was “embarrassed” by the comments of Mart Helme, 70, who leads the populist far-right party, Mr Helme made his controversial remarks on his party’s radio talk-show. Finnish PM Sanna Marin, 34, is the world’s […]

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that Ankara could close down inçirlik air base, which hosts US nuclear warheads “if necessary”, as the US is close to impose sanctions on the country. Erdogan’s warning came after a US Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week approved a bill to sanction Turkey over Ankara’s offensive against […]

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Iran has condemned the US’ accusations that Tehran is behind the attacks on the US military bases in Iraq. Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi said that these accusations of the attack and other similar incidents in Iraq “are just false allegations.” “The Americans will later realize that they are wrong.” US Secretary of State […]

The Weeknd surprised everyone with the release of two dope tracks as we prepared to close out the year. His new album Chapter VI is expected to come out early 2020 and WE.CAN’T.WAIT.!!!! Jonas Brothers are giving us the Christmas spirit with their new tracks ”Like It’s Christmas.” Blackbear continues to stay within the top […]

Another Iraqi activist, who has been a prominent figure among the protesters in the past few weeks, was found dead in central Baghdad on Wednesday. Ali Najm al-Lami had gone missing on Tuesday evening, hours before his body was found near his home. There were gunshot wounds in Lami’s head that indicate that there was […]

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