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Author: Zoë

Martha from SFCG Iraq

Written by on 29 December 2023

Martha from Search For Common Ground joined the Breakfast Club to talk about the new ‘Peacebuilding’ Champaign. She talked about how climate change is effecting Iraq directly, how the organization is helping, and how can you as an individual help. Click here to listen to the full interview.

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Lana and Rashad from Clean Up

Written by on 26 December 2023

Lana and Rashad joined the Breakfast Club to talk about their amazing journey with cleaning up. They have collected a team of volunteers to go around the region to preserve the beautiful nature, save the turtles, and go on an adventure. If you are interested to join, listen to the full interview here.  

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Naz from The MillionOaks Project

Written by on 21 December 2023

Naz joined the Breakfast Club to talk about The MillionOak Project. This environmental conservation organization is planting one million trees in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Listen to the full interview here. 

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Bahasht fom BrightCastle Motors

Written by on 14 September 2023

In our recent podcast episode, Bahasht from BrightCastle Motors shared her invaluable insights on being a woman in the motor industry, recounting her internship experiences and unveiling some thrilling new projects in the pipeline for the company. Her journey and contributions in this traditionally male-dominated field serve as an inspiration to many. Click here for […]

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Doctors on Parasol Project

Written by on 13 August 2023

Medical students made a noteworthy appearance on the show to discuss their innovative initiative, the Parasol Project. This undertaking aims to promote the adoption of a simple yet effective practice: utilizing umbrellas while walking outdoors in the sun, specifically targeting residents of the KRI and Iraq as a whole. With a keen understanding of the […]

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Mina Ali on Learning English

Written by on 14 June 2023

Mina Ali, the charismatic social media personality, with over half a million devoted followers through her ingenious approach to teaching English. Armed with a combination of wit, charm, and creativity, Rena has transformed the mundane task of language learning into an fun journey. Her captivating videos not only educate but also entertain, leaving her audience […]

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Breakfast Club – Wissam about Fitness Event

Written by on 24 May 2023

Wissam fitness specialist, and brand ambassador for Mike Sport Iraq join the breakfast club to talk about a sports events happening on 26th of may. This will be a competition among the 8 biggest gyms in Erbil. Click Here to listen to the full show

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Rihanna Celebrates Son’s First Birthday

Written by on 17 May 2023

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky joyously celebrate the arrival of their baby boy! The expectant singer, aged 35, and her partner, aged 34, commemorated their son RZA Athelston’s birthday by sharing a delightful carousel of cherished family photographs. A$AP Rocky initiated the heartwarming post by sharing an adorable snapshot of RZA playfully crawling on a cozy […]

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