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Author: Zoë

Buffalo Wings & Rings’ one million challenge

Written by on 7 October 2021

Buffalo Wings & Rings in Erbil has kicked off the month of October with a bang! On the 2nd of the month, a one million sauce competition’s was held to determine who was the number one spicy food lover. With 40 participants and more than 100 supporters on hand, the event began with loud sirens […]

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Breakfast Club – Lezan and Hardy from E-Bikes

Written by on 10 May 2021

Lezan and Hardy are two childhood friends from Shaqlawa! They grew up being always in love with the nature. They want now to start a green revolution in Erbil, by promoting the culture of electronic bikes. Listen to them as they talk about the bikes their group offers for sale, and the benefits of it. […]

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Breakfast Club – Coco from Move One

Written by on 9 May 2021

Coco tells us his journey starting from Slemani and then ending up in the UK, and finally coming back to Erbil. He tells us about his first media job in the good old days, we dig up some of his old messages over the years, and then discuss Move One, and its coordination of the […]

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Breakfast Club – Abdullah from Darnafees

Written by on 13 April 2021

Abdullah moved from Baghdad to Erbil in 2006, where he made the city is home. He went on to study engineering in Salahaddin University, and went on to work in the humanitarian sector. He along with other professional engineers came together and created an app called Darnafees! It helps people find people to help around […]

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Breakfast Club – IAMHAKS

Written by on 12 April 2021

IAMHAKS is a British-Kurdish social media influencer and advocate. Listen to him as he joins the Breakfast Club to talk about his journey in life and what matters to him. Click here to listen to the interview, or watch it below:  

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