France’s Foreign Minister on Wednesday called on Iranian militias and the Lebanese Hezbollah to withdraw from Syria and accused Turkey, Iran, and the Syrian regime of violating international law in the war-torn country. Jean-Yves Le Drian said France was demanding the withdrawal of “all those who have no business in Syria,” and also accused “the regime in Damascus, Turkey, and Iran” of “violating” international law in Syria. He called on Turkey to not add to the war and condemned its killing of civilians.

Meanwhile, ISIS militant threats on Tuz Khurmatu have been “removed,” according to Iraqi security forces, announcing progress in their operation against fighters in the mountainous region south of Kirkuk. The aim of the operation was to clear the area of those ISIS militants who fled Mosul and Saladin and stationed in these areas. The group is also known as the White Flags.

Lastly, US singer Lana Del Rey spoke emotionally to her fans after a man was arrested with a knife last week at her concert in Orlando, having made threats to kidnap her. Speaking to a concert crowd in Atlanta, she shared her feelings after a 43-year old man was arrested.