More drama in the kingdom as Saudi authorities have arrested 11 princes for holding a protest at a royal palace in the capital Riyadh. The group were angered by the government’s decision to stop paying the water and energy bills of royals. Those involved have not been named.

Meanwhile, A 5.1-magnitude earthquake hit Iran’s western Kurdish province of Kermanshah injuring at least 20 people, on Saturday. The earthquake “affected an area of eight kilometers (five miles) and injured at least 20 people.” The tremor rocked the Kurdish town of Sarpol Zahab.

Lastly, a professional footballer in Saudi Arabia is set to face an investigation and a possible drug test after he performed the popular “dab” dance move on the sidelines of a match. Despite strict rules against the dance move, an unnamed member of Saudi football club Al Nojoom was filmed dabbing on the bench after his team scored a goal in their 2-0 victory. Dabbing has been the subject of controversy in Saudi Arabia and is strictly forbidden by the authorities because of its perceived link to drug use.