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Sulaimani bans plastic bags at bakeries citing health concerns. authorities in Sulaimani have issued a ban on plastic bags at bakeries across the city, instructing bakers to switch to paper. The health concern comes from taking steaming loaves fresh out of the oven and wrapping them in plastic. “Hot bread carried in such bags will directly […]

The regional parliament of KRG is preparing a draft bill to ban a list of popular and addictive video games, namely the fast-spreading PUBG Mobile. The move comes weeks after the Iraqi Parliament urged the federal government to ban PUBG, Fortnite, Blue Whale, and similar online video games in the country on grounds they caused social and […]

The first direct flights from a Dutch airport in Eindhoven, arrived in the Kurdistan Region capital of Erbil, and in Sulaimani. Sulaimani International Airport Director Tahir Abdullah underscored positive ties between the Netherlands and the Kurdistan Region.“This is the first airline that starts from Eindhoven, Netherlands,” he said. “Netherlands is an important country for the Kurdistan […]

Forty-one people were killed after a Russian plane made an emergency landing and burst into flames in Moscow. Two children and a flight attendant were among the dead. passengers used emergency exit slides to escape the burning aircraft. One witness said it was a “miracle” anyone escaped the jet, which was carrying 73 passengers and […]

Islamic State militants killed a member of the Asayish forces, after he was kidnapped in Makhmour district. they abducted the Asayish member Bashdar Safar after he went to a mountain with three other people to collect truffles, as they found out he was a member of the Asayish forces. ISIS militants released a photo of […]

Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro has accused the opposition supporters of trying to impose an ” illegitimate government” after a day of the violence on the country’s streets. Violence worsens after the opposition leader urges the military to back him, but the president remain defiant. Opposition protesters and regime forces fought running battles through the streets […]

Starting from Iraq, Parliament has banned a broad category of online video games, including PUBG mobile, in a unanimous vote. The concern was about the obsession over these electronic games that ignite violence among children and youth. And its rapidly-spread influence in Iraq’s society.PUBG was developed in South Korea by a subsidiary of game design company Blue […]

Dozens of Kurdish farmers protested in Baghdad saying that the central government has not paid them for three years of wheat harvests. the farmers gathered in Tahrir square and called on the central government to make payments on wheat harvests for 2014, 2015, and 2016. One of them said the central government owes him more than […]

Tragic fire in Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. The 850-year-old building was battling the blaze that broke out on Monday at 6:50 PM resulted in devastating large parts of it. Firefighters managed to save the building’s main stone structure, including its two towers, but the spire and roof collapsed. The fire was declared under control almost […]

Three people have died in a plane crash, at what is regarded as one of the world’s most dangerous airports. The plane veered off the runway and hit a stationary helicopter at Lukla Airport, the main gateway to the Everest region. The runway is short and surrounded by mountains, making it extremely difficult for takeoff […]

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