The death toll of the bloody Friday armed attack on the Iraqi protesters in Baghdad has risen to 25 with nearly 120 wounded. Earlier on Friday night, a number of unidentified armed men opened fire at the demonstrators at Khilani Square and Sinak Bridge in the capital. Kurdistan Region Presidency has expressed strong concerns over the incident, urging the authorities to find the perpetrators behind it.

A Ukrainian doctor has set up a health clinic in the city of Kobani to help civilians affected by Turkey’s military offensive in northern Syria. Dr. Eliana Sahin said that her decision to open a clinic in the city was influenced by her husband, who relayed to her the shortage of doctors across the city of Kobani. Thus, I decided to move to the city and open my clinic and I do not regret my decision, Dr. Eliana said.

Thousands of people have camped out overnight as part of a global effort to raise cash to tackle homelessness. Celebrities were among the hundreds taking part in the World’s Big Sleep Out in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff. Organizers were expecting more than 50,000 to take part globally, with other events in cities including New York, Brisbane and Dublin. The initiative hopes to raise around £38m ($50m) for homelessness charities.