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Breakfast Club – Lezan and Hardy from E-Bikes

Written by on 10 May 2021

Lezan and Hardy are two childhood friends from Shaqlawa! They grew up being always in love with the nature. They want now to start a green revolution in Erbil, by promoting the culture of electronic bikes. Listen to them as they talk about the bikes their group offers for sale, and the benefits of it. […]

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Breakfast Club – Coco from Move One

Written by on 9 May 2021

Coco tells us his journey starting from Slemani and then ending up in the UK, and finally coming back to Erbil. He tells us about his first media job in the good old days, we dig up some of his old messages over the years, and then discuss Move One, and its coordination of the […]

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Breakfast Club – international journalist Joe Snell

Written by on 8 May 2021

Joe Snell is an international journalist that covers the middle east for Al-Monitor news. His mother’s side is originally from Iraq! Listen to him as he talks about his life in the US and his fascination with the middle east. Click here to listen to the show or watch below:      

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Breakfast Club – Dimitris and Yannis from Carbon Clean Services

Written by on 27 April 2021

Dimitris and Yannis are from Greece, but they’ve lived in the Kurdistan Region for almost 10 years! They have worked mostly on vehicle and motor maintenance, and they joined the Breakfast Club to talk about the importance of Carbon Clean Services. Listen to them and learn how you can make your car work better and […]

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Breakfast Club – Dr. Rita Columbia from UNFPA

Written by on 26 April 2021

Dr. Rita talks about the work of UNFPA (United Nations Fund for Population Activities) including the important 119 hotline number for anyone seeeking help, as well as supporting 65 women centres, 59 reproductive health clinics centres, and 19 youth centres across Iraq. Dr. Rita also talks about the importance of working with the local government […]

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