Month: March 2019

 The Nineveh Province Crisis Cell, in coordination with the Kurdistan Region‘s Crime Prevention Office, announces the arrest of the owner of the tourist island along with his son in Erbil. The fate of 55 people remain unknown after the ferry incident on March 21.and  the head of Mosul Forensics Department stated that six diving teams are looking […]

Renske de Haan and Michelle Menick from holland, a duo working on a documentary. Renske and Michelle speak on the goal of their documentary and more interesting information about themselves and why they are visiting.

Omar and Zewar from the hope foundation. BHHF’s primary objective of humanitarian aid is to save lives, alleviate suffering, as well as to give the most vulnerable group (refugee children) hope for the future.  

The Metro Nashville Public Schools Board in the US state of Tennessee hopes to have Kurdish language courses available to students at high schools across the district in time for the start of the 2019 school year in the fall. Tennessee Department of Education approved it and there are at least three high schools so […]

Heavy rains caused flooding in parts of Sulaimani. Several houses in the Kanakawa neighbourhood had flooded, damaging personal property and several other homes were evacuated. civil defence teams are still ready to respond and help civilians on the streets. Flooding also hit several neighbourhoods in Erbil and eight civil defence teams have prepared to respond to any […]

This is not the first interview with Dominique Mas. Dominique was present on our show before speaking on his mission in the region of Kurdistan as a french consulate. In this episode Dominique joins and speaks about the multiple events being set up by the French Consul.

MDC offers you a wide range of preventive medical profiles to assist you with your health check needs. Zheer from MDC joins todays episode and speaks about his position in MDC and further interesting details about himself.

Kurdish security forces arrested two individuals attempting to smuggle 10,000 USD in counterfeit money at a border crossing between the Kurdistan Region and Iran. They intended to take the money to the Kurdistan Region and exchange it in Erbil’s markets. However, The amount was confiscated and one of the two-arrested was holding an Iranian passport. […]

Korek telecom apologizes to customers after suspension. The Iraqi Communications and Media Commission was blocking Korek customers from both placing or receiving calls from other carriers because the company had violated government instructions. Korek, we are promising our customers that we will resolve the problem as soon as possible and we hope the Commission will revise […]

Dara Hawizi, a 16 year old student from Cambridge International School, joins today’s episode to speak about the World’s Scholars Cup, which is an international tournament that tests the student’s general knowledge (that he ended up winning).

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