Korek telecom apologizes to customers after suspension. The Iraqi Communications and Media Commission was blocking Korek customers from both placing or receiving calls from other carriers because the company had violated government instructions. Korek, we are promising our customers that we will resolve the problem as soon as possible and we hope the Commission will revise its decision in the interest of the people. The suspension will last for 5 days as from March 24th.
And internationally,  143 killed in an attack in central Mali, Armed men are reportedly dressed as traditional hunters have killed 143 people, including women and children, during an attack on a village in central Mali. A further 55 civilians were hurt in the attack. The region’s ethnic community is frequently targeted and accused of having ties to Jihadist organizations in the area, according to the United Nations Mali’s children are paying the highest price for the intensifying violence in the country. UNICEF said it was providing assistance to victims of the attack.
And lastly, Game of Thrones fans are furious as season eight, episode one plot details leak online three weeks before the show premiere. Having waited patiently for the fantasy show’s finale for two years, fans couldn’t believe it when a user named TheRealFrikiDoctor uploaded a video detailing the entire episode on YouTube. While the content was swiftly removed, the damage had already been done for many.