Month: October 2018

Demo Graffiti is an amazing graphic that they make on walls and streets all around Kurdistan, they make different kind of graphics and they also make privet graphics for anyone who wants. Check out the interview, Click below.

Restauranting in Erbil is a new kind of Business in Erbil. Lazha joined the Breakfast Club to talk about Restauranting in Erbil, it’s a group with more that 10 000 people that they review and show any restaurants in Erbil with delicious food so you can go and visit. And there is one or two […]

LST Erbil is one of the largest outpatient medical facilities and is dedicated to the most sophisticated diagnosis and treatment methods within specializations that include: Cardiology, Complementary/Alternative medicine, Dentistry, Dermatology, Dietetics and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) and more. Check out more information with Dr. Ala and Dr. Muhamad About LST.

Clarise Company is a mini town for kids to spend time and learn so many useful things. And also a perfect place for the parents to do their works, and a quiet place for university students to study. There is 3 floor, each floor is different from the other floors. listen to Rawa and Kamiliya […]

Solin Baban is a talented smart young woman joined the Breakfast Club to talk about her experiences, works and business. She is only 20 years old and she is an owner of Seniora Lorenz for events Decorations like weddings and birthdays. listen to her story, check out the interview, click below.

Haya Al- Khayat is a young 17 years old talented Writer, she writes books and novels in Arabic. She thinks she is going to be a writer as a carrier in the future. Check out the interview, click below.

Ash Barlow is an archaeologist, teacher and lecturer at Raparin University in Ranya. He is From UK, he brought back an ancient board game for thousands of years back to 3000 BCE (Royal game of Ur). Check out the interview, click below.

Daniel our Babylon FM host joined the breakfast Club to talk about a Horse Racing event that happening this Friday,Oct.19 at 3:30pm, it’s free for everyone. Check out the interview, click below.

Kehlani…..yes everyone she’s pregnant! take a look at this: Kehlani revealed that she’s four months along with her first child, a baby girl. She addressed her “little pumpkin” by writing, “Dearest little girl, I am so proud to be your mommy. I am so proud to have received you. I cannot wait to meet you, […]

Mustafa is a Talented teacher who writes books, he joined the Breakfast Club to talk about the book just came out (The Blue Diamond). Listen to his speeches about the book and his experiences about writing and languages. Check out the interview, click below.

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