Month: January 2019

As we don’t usually consider our environment, the UKH Lecturer Hawkar Abdulhaq brings the impact of using non renewable energy into light.

Something different this time, an idea that our marketing industry is not fully familiar with: the family coupon. Solin presents to us the family coupon book that is filled with different discount offers from different companies and how it helps build the connection between the customers and the company.

Hakar and his friends, looking forward to make child patients smile and know someone is out there thinking about them. Hakar speaks on the event that is taking place on Saturday the 27th, which is a step on how they are working towards the ill kids’ happiness.

Rayman, also known as bake music, is a young music producer. He speaks on his music and life journey and how it originated from his dad studying music in mosul, and him learning how to play violin at a young age.

The interesting duo, that have a perfect synergy in music, Tony and Chris. In this interview, Tony and Chris gave the babylon listeners a sample of their beautiful voices, and spoke on how is Erbil treating them so far, and further interesting details about their life.

Rind Reber Rushdi is a young YouTube star that grew to fame from the age of 5 with Kurdish children songs. Listen to her story below!

Noor interviews Omar Nihad for the opening of Mr Erbil Shop.

A dream finally comes true for 15 dapper young men. Listen to Omar talking about the exciting new place!

Sarkawt talks about the largest English online learning platform in the Kurdistan Region; MACOS esl! He also talks about how he met the love of his life, and much more. Check out the interview below.

Noor interviews Basima Abdulrahman from Global Shapers talks about a new startup with recycling in Erbil. They’re starting first with 3 universities, but already have big plans!

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