Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister of Health Saman Hussein said on Monday that eight residents of the Kurdistan Region remain under medical observation out of the 104 who have returned from China. The Minister added, of the people who were put under supervision, only eight of them have not finished their fourteen days, as this duration is the maximum incubation period for the coronavirus and countries have been using that as a standard quarantine period.

The Kurdistan Region’s Anti-Narcotics Directorate in Erbil announced the seizure of eight kilograms of illegal drugs and the arrest of individuals attempting to smuggle it to Canada. As the directorate confirmed, five kilograms of the drug opium (Taryak) and three kilograms of ketamine were confiscated as drug traffickers were attempting to send it to Canada by hiding it inside shafts and other parts of an excavator truck.

Syrian Minister of Transport, Ali Hammoud, said on Monday that the International Airport of Aleppo will be reopened soon. The minister also confirmed that the first flight will take place on today Wednesday this week, flying from Damascus to Aleppo. The following week, weekly flights will be scheduled to Cairo as well, the minister indicated.