A man Has died of Coronavirus in the Philippines in the Virus’s first confirmed fatality outside China. The patient was 44-year-old Chinese man from Whuan city, where the virus was first detected, and he appeared to have been infected before arriving to Philippines as the World Health Organization confirmed. In the same regard, as part of the intensified measures at Erbil International Airport, Rizgar Afandi, director of passport control at the airport confirmed on Saturday that Airport authorities deported four Chinese nationals after their arrival as part of the new precautions put in place against the virus.

Iraqi President Barham Salih named on Saturday Mohammed Allawi as the new prime minister of the country. Allawi, who previously served as Minister of Communications, will replace caretaker PM Adil Abdul Mahdi. Allawi is now a leader for the interim government and he has the choice to form a new cabinet within 30 days before early legislative elections are held. The newly appointed PM has urged the protesters to remain in the streets demanding their rights and said in his video message “I urge you to continue to protest because I will not be able to do anything alone if you are not with me.”

The UK has officially left the European Union after 47 years of membership – and more than three years after it voted to do so in a referendum. The historic moment, was marked by both celebrations and anti-Brexit protests. In a message released on social media an hour before the UK’s departure, the prime minister said: “For many people this is an astonishing moment of hope, a moment they thought would never come. “And there are many of course who feel a sense of anxiety and loss.”