In a statement, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection in the United Arab Emirates has confirmed four cases of coronavirus in Dubai to be the first four cases recorded in the middle east. It was a Chines family of four (Mother, Father, Nine-year-old girl and Grandmother) coming from Wuhan city to the UAE where they have been diagnosed with the virus. The statement also clarified that “all family members are in stable condition and the situation was contained by following the most necessary precautionary measures.

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister of Health Saman Barzinji on Wednesday (January 29) refuted implications made by Iran’s Ministry of Health that traveling the Kurdistan Region could expose people to the coronavirus. Iran’s Ministry of Health had released a statement earlier on Wednesday about the spread of the disease and advised against visiting Kurdistan Region, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. The Minister Saman Barzinji replied by saying “As of now, no cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Kurdistan Region. We reject the Iranian Health Ministry’s statement.”

Iraqi President Barham Salih issued an ultimatum for Shia factions at the parliament to nominate a new prime minister before 1st February. Salih said he will fulfill his constitutional duties by appointing an interim prime minister if the factions fail again to name a candidate. However, he warned that any candidate should be also accepted by the protesters. Adel Abdul Mahdi remains in the position as the caretaker prime minister, waiting for the largest parliamentary blocks to agree on a successor for him.