Deputy Governor of Dhi Qar announced the suspensions of all working hours for today Monday January 20, 2020 except for banks and health sector. The city of Nasiriyah (Dhi Qar Center) has become completely isolated from the surrounding districts, after the demonstrators cut off the roads with burned tires, in preparation for the escalation with the end of the deadline that they announced to have their demands met. Demonstrators cut the bridge of Naser, in the center of the city with electrical rollers and barbed wire.

Protesters in Iraq’s holy city of Najaf soldered the doors of several government departments across the city. By doing so, protesters are attempting to put more pressure on the government to meet their demands. Angry protesters stormed a headquarter belonging to pro-Iran Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia group in Najaf and set it on fire. They later blocked the roads leading to Najaf airport, setting dozens of tires on fire.

Puerto Rico’s top emergencies manager has been sacked after video emerged of a warehouse full of supplies dating back to the devastating Hurricane Maria that hit the island in 2017. Sacked director Carlos Acevedo said no-one had been denied “any of the items” found in the warehouse. The island is still recovering from Hurricane Maria, a category-five storm that devastated parts of the Caribbean in September 2017.