Judicial authorities in Iran said on Tuesday that they have arrested an undisclosed number of people suspected of involvement in the Ukrainian plane disaster. Iran did not at the beginning, but later acknowledged that the plane was downed by its air defense system near Tehran, saying it was the result of a human error. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blamed tensions between the United States and Iran for the deaths of dozens of Canadians aboard the crashed plane. Iran has issued at least 10 visas for an investigation team from Canada to conduct a probe into the incident.

At least five Katyusha rockets targeted the Taji military base which housing Coalition troops, in north of Baghdad on Tuesday (January 14), with no causalities reported as the Iraqi Security Media Cell confirmed.

The US-backed Al Hurra news station has closed its offices in Baghdad due to threats on journalists, the channel’s authorities said on Tuesday (January 14). Al Hurra is part of the Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN), a non-profit corporation financed by the US government. Director of Communications for the cooperation Deirdre Kline said MBN was forced to take the “necessary measures” after the safety of its staff was threatened.  The network said it would review its field operations in Baghdad after the security situation improves in the capital.