Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed The United States threaten to sanction the Iraqi “corrupt individuals” without taking their rank into consideration. “We will not stand idle while the corrupt officials make the Iraqi people suffer,” Pompeo told reporters. “The United States will use our legal authority to sanction corrupt individuals that are stealing Iraqis’ wealth and those killing and wounding peaceful protesters.”

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi has issued arrest warrants for those headteachers who have shut down the schools in support to the demonstrations. Alongside several public offices, schools were also closed after teachers declared a general strike to support the protests who have been ongoing against the government since the beginning of last month.

A group of family and friends were gathered in a backyard Sunday to watch a football game when two gunmen sneaked into the yard and began shooting, killing four young men and wounding six others, police in Fresno, California, said. About 30 people, including several children who were inside the home, were attending the party when the suspects — who remain on the loose — began shooting into the crowd, according to police.