Thousands of Iraqis once again returned to the streets on Friday to protest against the poor public services, corruption, and unemployment. 42 people have been killed during clashes between the security forces and protesters in the cities of Baghdad, Karbala, Missan, Basra, and Diwannia. Iraqi reports said that over 2,300 individuals have so far been injured meanwhile. The protesters attempted to enter the fortified Green Zone where the governmental offices and foreign embassies are located.

A government intelligence officer and a member of the powerful Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia were killed by the protesters in Amara city. Curfew was announced in 6 southern provinces including Basra. Activists posted a video shows the protesters in Karbala rising the Iraqi Flag over the Iranian Consulate and shouting “ this is Baghdad’s promise and we will not stay silent any longer”

Iraqi powerful Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, said on Saturday that the federal government should either reform and meet the protesters’ demands or resign.

Chile’s President Sebastian Piñera has dismissed his whole cabinet in order to form a new government and introduce social reforms demanded by protesters. “I have put all my ministers on notice in order to restructure my cabinet to confront these new demands,” he said. More than a million people joined a peaceful rally on Friday in the capital Santiago, calling for social justice. Mr Piñera said he had heard the demands from the streets.