The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is in cooperation with South Korea to establish an electronic tendering system in hopes of ensuring transparency and facilitating procedures.”The Electronic Tendering System will greatly benefit the economic aspect of the region,” Jong Song, a supervisor for the South Korean team, said.”South Korea has been using it for a long time. We would like the Kurdistan Region to benefit from our experience.”Zagros Fatah, the director-general of projects at the KRG’s Ministry of Planning, said the project would also reduce wait periods for processing, and lower costs for the various ministries and The project is expected to take several months to be completed.

Ahead of the tenth consecutive weekendof protests in Hong Kong, neither the government nor demonstrators are giving an inch of ground. Tens of protesters injured after clashes with police over the last few days. Since June 9, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong citizens have come out to support the protests and voice their dissatisfaction with the city’s government and its policies. 

 Danish media are reporting that a small aircraft carrying the management team for the American singer Pink crash landed and burst into flames in Denmark. No one was hurt. Danish media reported Pink, who performed in Oslo Monday evening, was not on the flight. Police said that a private plane with 10 people on board caught fire on landing at the Aarhus airport.