At least one citizen has been killed, while three others were wounded in a car bomb explosion in Karbala city, central Iraq. The bomb has been hidden inside a vehicle and it exploded near a checkpoint on a main road between the two cities of Karbala and Babylon.No sides were accused of carrying out the bombing and no terrorist organizations have claimed responsibility for the attack either, but the Islamic State (IS) is highly suspected as the extremist group still imposes a great threat to the security forces and civilians in Iraq.

An arrest warrant was again issued for the leader of the New Generation Movement, Shaswar Abdulwahid, for allegedly deceiving the investors of an amusement park project. The imprisonment for such types of charges starts from one day to five years in jail. Complaints of alleged deceiving of stakeholders of the amusement park of Chavy Land have been lodged against him. He, last month, spent nearly two weeks in prison after one of his own party’s member revealed that the movement’s leader has threatened her with publishing inappropriate videos of the woman.

The foreign minister of Oman has arrived in Tehran for talks with Iranian officials, in a visit that comes amid mounting tensions in the Gulf between the United States and Iran. Iran’s state television said that Yusuf bin Alawi would meet his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, and other officials to discuss the latest developments in the region. “The visit was conducted in the framework of bilateral relations and continuous consultations of the two countries with the aim of exchanging views on recent regional developments, bilateral relations … and international issues.