Iraq has issued arrest warrants for 11 ministers and minister-level officials suspected of being involved in corruption. Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi stated a total of 1,267 corruption cases have been sent to the courts in the last six months, with 4,117 other cases across different government institutions still being investigated. Abdul-Mahdi noted that 1,593 arrest warrants had been issued against individuals suspected of corruption, and 497 of which were arrested by local authorities.

Several libraries were opened across detention centers in the Kurdistan Region as part of an initiative by the Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) to contribute to the rehabilitation of prisoners. Musa Ahmed, the head of BCF, said during a press conference that the rehabilitation project is meant “to build a solid bridge between the people and knowledge.” The libraries were officially opened at the prisons with a formal ceremony held inside Erbil’s women and juvenile penitentiary center which has been provided with more than 5,000 books of various categories and topics.

A Belarusian diplomat was severely wounded by a gunshot in Turkish capital of Ankara on Wednesday evening. Belarusian Foreign Ministry Anatoly Glaz, said  “The diplomat is in the hospital with a gunshot wound. He is provided with all the necessary assistance.” Turkish media said that the Counselor-Envoy of the Embassy of Belarus in Turkey, Alexander Poganshev, was hospitalized in Ankara and was in critical condition. Reports explained that the diplomat was shot by a neighbor who committed suicide right after the incident.