The Kurdish security forces arrested on Tuesday a couple of Iranian nationals with ten kilograms of heroin in the capital Erbil.”The two suspects were arrested in a security operation in Perzin neighborhood,” the Drug-Combatting General Directorate said the pair is expected to be tried at the Kurdistan Region’s Court of Justice under Article 14 of Iraq’s law against drug trafficking. The Kurdish security forces often seize illegal drugs usually attempted to be brought to the Kurdistan Region from neighboring Iran.

UK’s Former foreign secretary and London mayor, Boris Johnson, will succeed Theresa May as Britain’s next prime minister.Johnson was elected as the leader of the Conservative Party after defeating Jeremy Hunt in the party’s leadership contest.Johnson has pledged to exit the EU, with or without a deal, before 31 December this year. Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani has congratulated him on his election as the new prime minister, hoping for stronger ties between Erbil and London. 

Washington is planning to build an international coalition to patrol the strategic Strait of Hormuz and secure the international ship lanes. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said  “We are building out a coalition that will patrol the Strait of Hormuz to keep those shipping lanes secured and open. There’ll be nations from all around the world that participate in that,”. He noted that Washington does not seek war but it is working to prevent Iran from supporting terrorism around the world.