Starting from Iraq, Prime Minister issues a decision to merge all the Popular Mobilization Forces units into the military to be under one direct command of commander in chief, the political leader Mouatada Al sadr in a statement supported the prime minster decision. Sadr announced now his militia will no longer take its orders from him, but they will be all taken from the state.

The federal court of Iraq acquitted the head of the Kirkuk Provincial Council, Rebwar Talabani, reversing a six-month prison sentence issued against him earlier in December charging him in absentia for “illegally” spending public funds. Bakhtiyar , his brother, announced on his Facebook account that the court had “completely closed the case, and from today on, Rebwar Talabani could resume his work as the head of KPC, as well as ask for financial and moral compensation.”

Kim Kardashian West is to change the brand name for her latest fashion line following accusations of cultural appropriation. Some Japanese people on social media complained that the trademarked brand, Kimono Intimates disrespected traditional clothing. Kardashian West initially defended the name in The New York Times last week, saying she wouldn’t change it. But on Tuesday, she said she would be announcing a new name in due course.