One person was killed and another was wounded on Wednesday evening in a Turkish airstrike north east of Erbil.  Turkish warplanes struck the Kurdistan Region’s Sidakan sub-district in Erbil province, hitting a civilian car which killed one man and injured another. Kirmanj Izaat, the mayor of Soran district, said the incident occurred in the Zini village. “If a long-term solution is not found, there is a great risk of evacuating the villages in the area, as there are no guarantees on the safety of the people living there,” the mayor added.

A fire has been reported from the Mishraq Sulphur State Company, a state run sulfur plant near Mosul, Iraq, reportedly resulting in the poisoning of several people and killing of an unknown amount of civilians. The driver of a fire engine was killed due to the human-made release of sulfur dioxide, while several more have been sent to the hospitals to receive medical treatment. Local authorities have called for help from the federal government, and an emergency state was announced.

United Airlines has become the latest carrier to extend its ban on using the Boeing 737 Max after the US aviation regulator said it had identified a new potential risk with the plane. Boeing must address the new issue before the jet can return to service. United joined American and Southwest in continuing to ground the plane through August.