US President Donald Trump has imposed new hard-hitting sanctions on Iran, including on the office of the country’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Trump said the additional sanctions were in response to the shooting down of a US drone and “many other things”. Khamenei, Iran’s highest authority, was singled out because he was “ultimately responsible for the hostile conduct of the regime”. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said the Americans “despise diplomacy”.

Erbil police forces announced the arrest of two groups of thieves over alleged involvement in stealing people’s properties. The first group consisted of two people who have been found guilty of stealing items from cars parked in the mosques and garages in the city. The two had stolen 6,800 dollars, in addition to uncertain amount of gold. The second group was two more suspects who confessed to have taken a number of mobile phones and cash. They all are aged between 17 and 20, the police said.

In Ainkawa, news of having two individuals killed in Ainkawa 108 zone. Gun shots were heard early in the morning, in what it seemed to be a brothel. Police confirmed that the two men were from Erbil and investigation is still ongoing to identify the murderers.