US-Iran growing Tensions, Erbil police discovers a drug factory

Written by on 2019-05-16

As a result of the growing tension between US and Iran, State Department ordered the departure of non-emergency US government employees from Iraq.This comes after the tensions between the two countries escalated over the Trump administration’s economic sanctions and Tehran’s threat of stepped-up uranium enrichment. The U.S. sent aircraft carriers to the Persian Gulf. Iranian military commander warns and says We are on the cusp of full-scale confrontation with the enemy. On the other hand Mike Pompeo says US ‘fundamentally do not seek a war with Iran’ – even as tensions escalate, he added we have also made it clear to Iran if  American interests are attacked we will certainly respond in the appropriate way.

Police forces in Erbil have discovered a secret drug factory during investigations into a murder case. The factory was discovered in the town of Bahrka, where tens of barrels, reportedly containing raw materials suitable for making illicit drugs, had been stored. Head of Police Directorate in Bahrka Najmadin Hussein explained that the discovery of the factory came after interrogations into a murder case in which a man had been killed by his family members earlier in Ramadan and the suspected murderers surrendered [to the police] and revealed information about the factory during their confessions. Hussein also added that three people, including two Ukrainian and one Iranian individuals, had been working at the factory but they have already escaped.





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Pilot flew unconscious for 40 minutes after bad night’s sleep and skipping breakfast


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