Starting from the Tragic ferry sinking in the city of Mosul over the weekend. Death toll at the moment is 94. and it is increasable. majority of the victims were women and children. Prime Minister announced Governor dismissal as he, the president and the head of parliament visited the city.

Moving to Norway, a cruise ship evacuated after engine problems off the western coast of Norway. Five helicopters and several ships were sent to evacuate the 1,300 passengers on board The ship sent a distress signal due to “engine problems in bad weather ., only one of the ship’s engines running, rescuers tried to get the rest of the engines “working again so the ship can go by its own to a safe harbour.

And today on sport, Manchester United will reportedly be able to sign Toni Kroos from Real Madrid this summer for £50million. Due to a disappointing season in the Spanish capital, we could see him leave the Bernabeu. Kroos is under contract with until 2022 but is reportedly keen to reignite his career elsewhere. He has previously spoken of his admiration for the Premier League.