A bus caught fire in Iranian Kurdistan killing at least 27 people following the explosion of an oil tanker late Tuesday night. A pickup truck and an oil tanker collided to start the fire, three more vehicles were engulfed in flames. The tanker is said to have been transporting oil from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Search and rescue efforts are ongoing.

Meanwhile, Iraqi security forces announced the arrest of the man in Baghdad who, in a video recently posted on social media, had proclaimed himself to be Jesus Christ. A statement released by Baghdad Operations Command said that forces arrested Tariq Hashim, accused of misrepresentation and fraud. A few hours after Hashim’s arrest, a video of him was published online in which he read a letter of apology.

Lastly, President Trump is headed to London this week and is going to be met with demonstrators, a giant “Trump Baby” balloon — and a uniquely British musical protest. For the past couple of weeks, a social media campaign has sought to make Green Day’s classic 2004 jam “American Idiot” the No. 1 tune in the UK by the time Trump arrives Friday. So far the effort appears to be working, with the song checking in at No. 18 on the chart Tuesday.