Sad news out of Iraq’s capital as an explosion in Baghdad’s al-Sadr district killed at least seven people. Initial reports indicated there were two explosions and a Shiite mosque was the target while security officials said there was an explosion at an arms depot near the mosque. The Iraqi Ministry of Interior, meanwhile, confirmed the explosions but has not yet revealed the exact casualty figures.

Meanwhile, the boss of Qatar Airways has issued “heartfelt apologies for any offence caused” for saying that a woman could not do his job. Akbar al-Baker said on Tuesday that the airline had to be led by a man “because it is a very challenging position”. He later defended Qatar Airways’ record on gender diversity, but that failed to slow growing criticism of the airline official.

Lastly, looks like Kim Kardashian’s charm worked on US President Trump. A 63-year-old grandmother jailed in 1996 on a non-violent drug charge has been released from prison after she was granted clemency by President Trump. Alice Johnson ran towards an emotional reunion with her family after leaving the prison in Pickens County, Alabama. Her case was highlighted when Kim Kardashian, who lobbied for her release, met Mr Trump last week.