Justice continues to be served as a British man jailed for 10 years for selling fake bomb detectors to countries like Iraq and Afghanistan has had an additional more than two years added to his sentence for failing to pay back $2.5 million he made touting the ‘magic wands.’ James McCormick was ordered to pay back some $11 million when he was convicted in 2013. He recently refused to pay the outstanding funds and was given a default additional sentence of 842 days.

Meanwhile, the campaign trail is hot as Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has kicked off his re-election campaign in the Kurdistan Region with a message of unity and willingness to listen. Abadi headed a campaign event in Sulaimani yesterday vowing to listen to complaints. The Iraqi PM acknowledged the wrongs of the past in his speech and encouraged unity. He will be visiting Erbil next.

Lastly, WWE has been criticised for not having any female wrestlers in its Saudi Arabia show. The Greatest Royal Rumble event is one of the largest of its kind with 50 men in the headline match. No women will be taking part, despite WWE being commended by many for their development of women in the sport, disappointing many fans. The company’s exec, Triple H, says he hopes that will change in the next few years.