Four people were killed and wounded in a suicide attack carried out by ISIS fighters in the al-Eshaqi sub-district in southern Samara, in Salahuddin Province. The suicide bomber detonated near an Iraqi police station, killing two officers and wounding others. Elsewhere, clashes erupted between an armed group and Iraqi Federal Police on the Kirkuk-Baghdad road.

Meanwhile, Iraq executed 13 individuals, 11 of whom on terror convictions, yesterday. The Ministry of Justice announced the execution of 11 convicts of terrorist crimes, including car bombings, assassinations of security members or kidnappings. This is the latest execution announcement in Iraq as many convicted ISIS members wait to be handed their death sentences.

Lastly, Kendrick Lamar’s hot streak doesn’t seem to be close to ending. The rapper has made history by becoming the first to receive a Pulitzer Prize to go with all his Grammy Awards. His album “DAMN” was awarded the prestigious award, the first non-classical or jazz artist to win it. Let’s just hope he stays humble.