As the death toll continues to rise after Sunday’s major earthquake, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has vowed to “find the culprits” responsible for buildings collapsing. He suggested that government-built buildings had collapsed while privately-built ones remained standing. The Iraqi government, for its part, has approved additional funds to support areas affected by Sunday night’s quake.

Meanwhile, Turkish airstrikes on Monday killed a civilian in the Kurdistan Region, as an air campaign against the PKK continued in the aftermath of a 7.3-magnitude earthquake that hit the region. Turkish warplanes bombed areas in the Soran district where a 36-year-old man was struck while driving on a rural road.

Lastly, a    n Iranian-born Kurdish weightlifter on Tuesday said he will auction his Olympic gold medal to raise money for victims of Sunday night’s devastating earthquake as many survivors are not receiving any aid. Many claim to have not even received a tent to survive the autumn nights. Kianoush Rostami, 26, of Kermanshah said he will auction the gold medal he won during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro games in Brazil to help victims affected by the earthquake.