Kurdistan continues to mourn the loss of Jalal Talabani who died yesterday at the age of 83. In a televised speech, President Masoud Barzani declared one week of mourning across the Kurdistan Region for the former Iraqi President. Mam Jalal is survived by his wife Hero Talabani and his sons, Qubad and Bafel. Our heartfelt condolences go out to them.

Meanwhile, Iraq is escalating its measures against the Kurdistan Region no longer selling dollars to banks in Kurdistan and banning foreign currency transfers to the autonomous region. Iraq’s central bank info     rmed the Kurdistan Regional government (KRG) on Tuesday that it would stop selling dollars to four major Kurdish banks and stop all foreign currency transfers to the region.

Lastly, the Iraqi parliament has also asked the Federal Court to take legal measures against Kurdish MPs who voted for independence from Iraq in last week’s referendum. The letter submitted to the Court calls for stripping those Kurdish MPs involved in the vote of immunity and going as far as putting them on trial. The Kurdish lawmakers were barred from entering Parliament yesterday unless they denounced the vote and its results.