Iran threatens to close its borders and withdraw its diplomatic mission in Erbil should the Kurdistan Region proceed with the referendum. Supreme National Security Council explained that the relationship between Tehran and Erbil only exists as part of a united Iraq. The Kurdistan Region’s High Council for the Independence Referendum on Sunday however announced the vote would not be postponed.

Meanwhile in Makhmour, four ISIS militants launched a failed attack late Saturday night on a US military base in the village of Pungene. The attackers were killed north of the IS-held town of Hawija and no Coalition forces were injured in the attack. The base will be used to support Iraqi and Kurdish forces in the Hawija offensive.

Lastly, referendum brothers Catalonia will proceed with its vote after all. The councilors and mayors of Catalonia declared they will move ahead with the referendum which Spanish courts have declared “illegal.” However, Catalonians have maintained the nation of 7 million people has the right to hold the vote on Oct. 1.