Some good news out of Erbil last night as it seems Gorran has agreed in principle to reactivate the parliament after a historic trilateral meeting with the KDP and PUK on Tuesday. The three parties will have one more meeting this week to finalize a deal. On their end however, the Iraqi Parliament voted against the referendum and requested the Federal Government of Iraq take all necessary measures to prevent the Kurds from holding the vote.

Over in Syria, government forces have seized 85% of the country’s territory from ISIS and oppositions forces after seven years of conflict. According to Russia’s Defense Department, only 15% of the country remains in the hands of ISIS militants, amounting to 27,000 sqkm of land. Government forces and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces are currently fighting to retake Deir Ez Zor and Raqqa from the jihadist group.

Lastly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has voiced his support for the establishment of an independent Kurdish state as the Kurdistan Region heads toward the referendum. He is the first head of state to support the process of Kurdistan’s separation from Iraq. The referendum is set to be held in less than two weeks.