The Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum will not be delayed according to President Masoud Barzani, who reiterated the point in his meeting with UN Secretary General Jan Kubis. As the vote approaches, campaigns are mounting. A joint KDP PUK delegation will also meet with Gorran and the Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG) in Erbil today to discuss the reactivation of Parliament.

Over in Tal Afar, ISIS members are still present and Peshmerga commanders announced they killed 17 militants in nearby villages. The village of Qasab al-Rai had been under siege from the Iraqi army for 13 days now and Peshmerga officials stated that nearly 200 ISIS militants and 30 ISIS families, mostly foreigners, are hiding in the village.

Lastly, on its 10th anniversary today, Apple is releasing the iPhone X as well as two other phones. While details about the phone were leaked ahead of its release, such as the removal of the home button and the new wireless charging capabilities, it’s expected to be very successful. But be warned, the price tag is $1000.