Yes or No for independence? on both sides of the referendum question have been campaigning this week, with rallies being held across Kurdistan.  Over the weekend, thousands of people gathered in Eskan street in support of the Yes vote, while hundreds gathered on Saturday in Sulaimani’s main stadium in support of the “No for Now” campaign. The referendum will be held in 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, Iraqi air force and the US-led coalition have finally started launching air strikes on ISIS positions in the town of Hawija. The strikes are targeting the militant group’s areas in western Anbar as well as Hawija, as a ground offensive is set to begin. Iraqi troops and Kurdish Peshmerga will be working together to retake the town, west of Kirkuk, which fell to ISIS three years ago.

Lastly, Saturday marked the opening day for the 5th Duhok International Film Festival, which will be going until September 16th. The Festival is held at the University of Duhok campus Convention Hall where 131 films with connections to more than 50 countries from various local and international directors, will be screened.